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Sheathing the Scissorhands

In 1990, director Tim Burton released Edward Scissorhands, a fantasy film he co-wrote with Caroline  Thompson, adapted from a story he'd penned based on his own lonely and disconnected childhood. Filmed with Burton's marvelously whimsical touch, the story relates the life of Edward, a nearly-human creation of an inventor who has died before he can endow his creation with hands. The gentle Edward is left, instead, with sharp blades protruding from his wrists, dooming him to the hapless fate of destroying all that he touches, all that he loves. I'd watched the film at the time with a heartache that spilled into tears, and it came back to me as I read a recent article in the Los Angeles Times— Lithium in Electric Cars Takes Climate Change Toll —  about what mining companies are doing to address the dearth of minerals available for the batteries needed to power what most of us had assumed were our environmentally-friendly electric cars. It turns out that mining and extraction c