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Doctor Our Eyes

It's been a hell of a year. Or two. Or five. The pandemic continues to spin out new variations, and we humans continue to squabble, sometimes viciously, over masks/no masks, vaccines/anti-vax. Pretty ludicrous, given that vaccines alone have saved over 2.2 million American lives these past few years . Vladimir Putin? Well, I can't even say his name without pursing my lips so that the "P" is pronounced with a mini-missile of spit. Bloated with the power and wealth generated by exploiting humanity's addiction to fossil fuels, Putin—spit—is committing war crimes against the Ukranian people, murdering innocent civilians and destroying their towns and cities (not to mention their wildlife), and threatening us all with the nuclear option if we more actively intervene.  As for our over-reliance on those fossil fuels, well, only the most ignorant or avoidant of us can deny the threat they pose to all life forms on our precious planet. In any measure of Species Most Likely