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To Our Human Family…With Love and Sorrow

Just this morning it occurred to me that I’ve been so busy following the primaries and anxiously researching the coronavirus that I’ve barely spent a minute reflecting on the nearly 5,000 people worldwide who’ve already succumbed to that disease. Let alone their many beloveds who are grieving them. My heart goes out to them. Death is no less devastating when it’s from a collective catastrophe. 
And how can we even unite in mourning them when medical confidentiality insists that they go unnamed? We do know that Mr. Zeng, from Wuhan, was the first confirmed casualty. We've read about three Maryland residents returning from a Nile cruise; a man in his 50s from Washington; unnamed humans from Florida, California, New Jersey, South Dakota. We pore over references to them as we seek to contain our fears, asking ourselves, “Were they close to my age? Did they suffer underlying conditions like, or unlike, my own?” It’s a kind of claustrophobic loop of news watching and social media posting…

Chasing Eve! Connected at the Root and Down to the Bone

Welcome to the sprawling streets of Los Angeles,where celebrity sightings are commonplace—at least in some communities on the Westside—and homeless encampments maintain a presence just about everywhere else. We may not be as compact as our tech-haven sister to the north or our great and gritty counterpart on that other "elite" coast, but we've grown in style and savvy over the years, so that—even in this treacherous era of climate change—our marvelous weather is no longer our sole enticement to curious visitors and eager transplants.

As a native Angelena,I take great delight in the rich diversity of my community, where ninety-two languages other than English are spoken in our public schools; where grace and beauty beguile the senses, from the ancient treasures of Malibu's Getty Villa to the acoustically soaring Walt Disney Hall on Grand Avenue; and where you can dine on some of the best dim sum, pad thai, pho, tacos and burritos, thin crust pizza, and churresco in the…