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Love in the Time of Climate Change

We're living in some seriously dark times. Yet all around us ~ and inside us ~ the generous, green spark of life continues to bring forth new discoveries, new pleasures, new opportunities to dance our way into what  Fleur Robins  likes to call further incarnations of ourselves.  In the midst of the godawful events of 1939, Bertolt Brecht wrote in this motto to his Svendborg Poems :  In the dark times         Will there be singing?                     Yes, there will also be singing        About the dark times.      Similarly, early alchemists expressed the unquenchable spirit of life as "a blessed greenness," a divine energy in all things that can persist in even our darkest moments, an embodied manifestation of what Mylius described as "a virtue of generation and the preservation of things (that) might be called the Soul of the World." (C.G. Jung, Mysterium  Coniunctionis ).  But, as Fleur's Nana might put it (with no little impatie