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BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE...except when they’re threatened with extinction.
And you can’t take the sixties out of the girl ~ especially, I’ve discovered, in her sixties.
More than four decades ago - in a time, like our own, full of terrible evil and a luminous new consciousness - I organized a Teach-in against the Vietnam War and marched against racial injustice and in support of striking farmworkers (Viva la Huelga!). I was hardly alone. For college kids of my generation political protest was as ubiquitous as pot and patchouli. But getting high is a heck of a lot easier than getting down to the demo, and dope smoking seems to have had a longer shelf life for subsequent generations of college kids than political activism.   
That’s why I was particularly heartened to see so many young people, generous with their time and bright of spirit, at the March Against Monsanto in downtown L.A. this past May. The march wound its way to Spring Street at the City of Angels' historic core, and it cu…