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It’s the 4th of July, and I’ve Got the Black Crow Blues

I’ve been watching him for several years now, tracking his progress, aching for him, rooting for him, afraid to find him missing once and for all. He’s distinguished from all the other crows of my ‘hood by the grotesque growth on his foot. It’s ugly and gray and swollen, and I presumed when I first saw it he was a goner. My neighbors and I contacted crow rescue associations, veterinarians, even the University of California, and they all said that because he could still fly, there’d be no way to get hold of him to see what was wrong.
I realize I have no way of knowing if he’s a Mr. Crow or a Ms., but somehow I’ve always thought of him as male. He’s sturdy-sized and glides through the air with that signature corvid slow-pitched-ball grace. Sometimes I see him hanging out with another crow, sometimes with one of the squirrels that my animal-friendly neighbor Mary Lou feeds by hand. But mostly he likes to perch on one of my neighbor's rough, unmown lawns as if the prickly grass feels…