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Watching Rosebuds Unfurl

I know, I know. I promised this would be a monthly blog, but what’s a ridiculously overcommitted novelist, essayist, Jungian analyst, teacher, conference presenter, litter box emptier, yogini, film fanatic, and neighborhood walker to do? If you’re like me, almost every moment in this rich life is accounted for, so I’m going to try to make up for a little lost time today.

One of the delights of publishing a novel is making contact with souls one would never have otherwise met, as well as connecting with familiar people in one’s life on a whole new level. Last fall, I happened to mention to the radiologist performing my mammogram that I’d published a novel. This brilliant man had saved my life in 1999 by catching a suspicious little something on a mammogram, which was treated with a lumpectomy and radiation and pronounced cured 4,628 days ago, but who’s counting? (And who is ever going to think of mammograms as routine again?!!)

Anyway, it turns out that the dear man and his delightful wi…