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I've had some wonderful opportunities lately to spread the word about The History of My Body, appearing on Connie Martinson Talks Books and being interviewed the past few days on radio talk shows, among them WKNY-AM with Warren Lawrence, WXBR-AM with Ron Van Dam, and KCAA-AM with Erin, Paul, and John. Each of my interviewers generously suggested that my book would make a wonderful holiday gift, which brought to mind a few words I wrote as a guest author for Just the Right Book about one of my all-time favorite holiday gift books.

In the spirit of the season - in the bath of the winter solstice, the second night of Hanukkah, and Christmas nearly upon us - I encourage you to think of books when you're facing down the crowds for your last minute gifts...not just my book, but any book that promises to light up the darkness as much as this one did mine, as I described it for Just the Right Book:

What a wonderful coupling ~ the winter holidays can open our hearts; a terrific book oft…

Ring the Sleigh Bells That Still Can Ring

Today I’m thrilled to participate in the first annual Sleigh Bells and Ink Wells Blog Hop organized by authors Smoky Trudeau Zeidel and Patricia Damery. If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you’ll find directions to the blogs of eleven fascinating writers I know you’re going to want to discover. And before you hop to the next blog, you’re warmly invited to leave a comment below, subscribe to this blog, and explore previous posts on this site…it’ll definitely ring my bell if you do!

I love the sleigh bell imagery. I’m a total Christmas nut. What else would the child of a Russian-born, Jewish atheist father and a mother raised on the outskirts of a Sioux reservation be? Actually, it’s my mom who deserves most of the credit. She grew up in the only Jewish family residing in the small town of Selfridge, North Dakota, and feeling utterly deprived of having a Christmas tree like her friends, swore to herself she’d make up for it when she left home.
Make up for it, she did. To my father’s…

Coming Soon: First Annual Sleigh Bells and Ink Wells Blog Hop!

This just in from author Smoky Zeidel: "This Friday, December 16, launches the First Annual Sleigh Bells and Ink Wells Blog Hop, created by yours truly and my dear friend Patricia Damery, author of Snakes and Farming Soul (Fisher King Press). A dozen authors will be writing inspirational posts and talking a bit about their books. The participants in this cozy hop are T. K. Thorne, Patricia Damery, Debra Brenegan, Anne K. Albert, Elizabeth Clark-Stern, Collin Kelley, Sharon Heath, Melinda Clayton, Ramey Channell, Leah Shelleda, Malcolm R. Campbell, and myself." Stay tuned, folks...and do come visit us all on December 16. I think you'll be delighted by the variety of juicy blog posts from this potpourri of talented authors!

And for those of you who missed Connie Martinson interviewing me about my novel The History of My Body on her nationally syndicated TV show Connie Martinson Talks Books this week, here’s the three-part You Tube version (SPOILER ALERT: Connie likes to disc…

The Bird’s the Word

It’s the crows again. I might as well rename this blog Corvine Central.

Not on my roof this time, knocking tins of cat food against my skylights or – scarier still - pecking to get in. Not dragging their slick black tail feathers against grass and pavement in their fledging state. Not even several murders of them, gliding across the pages of my novel The History of My Body, teaching my young protagonist Fleur what she couldn’t learn from her own parents - that we have to be mired on the ground awhile before we can actually fly.
No, this time the crows have proven themselves to be smarter than a child of four, able to strategically drop stones or other heavy objects into a container of water in order to raise the water level high enough to drink. Not to mention using twigs or even self-fashioned hooks made of wire to extract worms from crevices – a kind of tool-making anthropologists once credited solely to humans.
Nicky Clayton, the Cambridge researcher who reported all this speculates t…