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Cats Behaving Badly and Badly Behaving Humans: Fiddling while Home Burns

On a routine Saturday morning earlier this year, I opened my L.A. Timesand began my ritual of absorbing the news along with my breakfast. Most of what I read was far less digestible than my eggs and toast: Egypt’s Mubarak was refusing to step down; a suicide bomber had killed a deputy governor in Kandahar; desperate Haitians were storming food distribution sites, and – this just in! (don’t forget I live in L.A.)  - Chris Brown had decided not to attend the Grammys, having assaulted Rhianna on the eve of the previous year’s awards show.
But it was page A12 that finally wrecked my appetite, making my food taste more like bile. The acid-churner was a story about a female bear who’d had to swim for nine days across the Beaufort Sea before reaching an ice floe. She’d lost her young cub on the journey, as well as 22% of her own body weight. There was little food available for her on the other end when she arrived.

Now, I’m a sucker for living creatures. I’ve developed a fondness for much-mali…